In a drunken stupor, this teen decided he didn’t like his seats at a concert, so took to the internet to better his position!

Wikipedia VIP


Adam Boyd, from the UK, was attending a concert for a British indie rock band called ‘The Sherlocks’, when he drunkenly decided to edit the band’s Wikipedia page!

He made the changes so it read that he was a cousin of the lead singer, and that he had influenced their first single. This cheeky little move landed him in the band’s VIP section! Fantastic!

He posted this on Facebook to document the moment:


Adam Boyd


This is the shot from his upgraded seats!

Wikipedia VIP


Although the Wikipedia page no longer says anything about Adam Boyd, there is proof that the edit was made in the revision history.

This guy pushed his luck, but it paid off for an evening in VIP seating, and a pretty legendary story!




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