Happy birthday Lionel Richie! We thought the best way to celebrate would be by digging through our sizable record collection and showcasing 6 hilarious Lionel Richie album covers. Let it begin!


Look, it’s Preppy Lionel Richie! This version of Lionel is courtesy of his self-titled debut solo record, which includes the under-appreciated track “Serves You Right”.

Preppy Lionel!


Look, it’s Cowboy Lionel Richie! This bizarre version of Lionel foretold his eventual foray into country music and might be the album cover that made us laugh the most. “Stuck On You” is a great song though.

Cowboy Lionel!


Diner en Blanc Lionel Richie! On Lionel’s last album from the ’80s he looks like he’s getting ready for Vancouver’s swankiest/silliest summer event. Either that or he’s getting ready for karate practice.

Diner en Blanc Lionel


All-Denim Lionel Richie! We think Lionel should have been given honourary Canadian citizenship for rocking the Canuck Tuxedo on the single for one of his biggest songs, “Hello”.

Hello, is it denim you're looking for?


Pastel Lionel Richie! Is it just us or does Lionel look like he is relaxing before an audition for “Miami Vice” on the cover of his 1983 album Can’t Slow Down?

Pastel Lionel


Sears Photo Studio Lionel Richie! Between the silly pose, the sweet afro and the deer-in-the-headlights eyes we don’t really know what part of this French album cover we like best. It also might be our favourite Lionel song ever, so it gets bonus points.

Sears Photo Studio Lionel


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