Today is International Women’s Day… meaning JACK has been kicked to the curb for the day. Don’t worry, we gave him some fishy crackers and an iPad, he’s fine.


We’re JILL 96-9 and we’ll be playing what she wants, which means incredible songs from incredible female artists ALL DAY! Cyndi, Joan, Ann & Nancy, Sarah, Madonna, Stevie, Janet, Alanis, Joni, Adele, Sarah, Whitney, Debbie (there are a couple), heck probably even Shania (and even more surprises). We even have a special JILL Up The ’80s at noon!


And even though the guys from Motley Crue and Twisted Sister looked like girls in the ’80s, they don’t count.


Making a positive difference for women isn’t just a one day a year endeavour, so go to the International Women’s Day website to learn more of what today is about and help make every day International Women’s Day.


From our side of it, we’re about three months into International Women’s Year.

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