We keep our promises at JACK 96.9 – at least when it comes to aardvarks.

This summer, we received a text in the studio on The Matt and Sarah Show (text us any time at 969 123).



Over the next few days and weeks, Steve texted, emailed and phoned about the aardvark we’d “promised” him:

It was time to find Steve an aardvark – so we did. The aardvark lived at JACK 96.9 with us for awhile until we could figure out how to get him to his new home at Steve’s place.



Eventually, we knew it was time to take the aardvark to his rightful owner – Steve.



You won’t believe this: We just heard from Steve and it seems the aardvark has already given Calgary a new little aardy: The Matt and Sarah aardvark had a baby. – Sarah



Do you love JACK 96.9 as much as Steve loves us? The aardvark will be looking for a new home in one year. Put it in your calendar just like Steve did and remember to reach out  – Sarah (and Matt)

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