We started the jackpot at $1,000 and took your calls every weekday at 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. for JACK’s Mystery Thingy.

Every time there was a wrong answer – popping of bubblewrap, a nutcracker, cracking of celery – the jackpot went up $250.

It kept going up: $2,000, $7,500, $11,250 …

We wondered if anyone was ever going to win it … and then: BAM! Monique called.

Monique guessed our Mystery Thingy was the snapping of pasta. She was right! That guess won her $12,000.

She just picked up her money at our JACK studios.

Monique isn’t sure how she’s going to spend her cash, but says some of it will go towards a trip.

Monique dropped by our studios to pick up her cheque for $12,000 that she won playing JACK’s Mystery Thingy. Monique figured out the unknown sound by testing out different sounds around her house.


• Mystery Thingy #1: Angie won $5,500 with the guess of gum in a blister pack.

• Mystery Thingy #2: Lynn won $9,750 guessing pulling Kleenex out of a box.

• Mystery Thingy #3: Kyle won $2,250 with the guess of a marker on paper.

• Mystery Thingy #4: Monique won $12,000 with the guess of a breaking spaghetti.

• Mystery Thingy #5: Len won $1,000 with the guess of a toaster popping.

Mystery Thingy #6: Debbie won $2,500 with the guess of throwing a snowball.


Thank you to everyone who played our Mystery Thingy. We loved to chatting with all of you and hearing your creative, wild and fun guesses. Up next? Matt and Sarah’s Flight Risk.  – Sarah (and Matt)

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