The Marc Michaels Show

Weekdays 6am - 10am
Marc is simple man with simple tastes. He likes metal, meat, the occasional rum, and his family.  He goes to the gym, but only so his wife doesn't get farther out of his league, and to keep up his lawn mowing legs. His favorite places are Home depot, liquor depot, and the bottle depot. This guy loves depots.

Kevin Hayes

Producer Kevin is a bit of a nerd but don’t worry, he takes it as a compliment. He knows everything about all the latest gadgets, like those new Atari video games and how ‘skip protection’ works in your CD Walkman. If there’s a new superhero movie coming out you can find him at the theaters on opening night. He eats a lot of popcorn in costumes. Kevin also enjoys e-scooter rides, his dog Moon and browsing Kijiji. We also heard he used to have a mustache. His dream job is “TikTok star”, whatever that is. Probably someone that repairs clocks.

Shawna Prince

Shawna is obsessed with her dog Maxwell and he has become her entire personality, her Husband lives with them, in their Beltline condo. She loves concerts, mountains, scotch, cannoli and…Maxwell. She’s not a hunter, but she will beat you in a round of Big Buck Hunter at the pub.

Meredith Geddes

Weekdays 10am - 2pm
“We’re all just doing our best” – that’s the mantra that Meredith lives by every day and what she’d like you keep in mind while listening to her show. A middle child with a love for cats, television, and napping, her greatest achievement is placing first one time in Mario Kart online against some teenagers. Tune in weekdays from 10pm - 2pm while she tries to do her best.

The Playing Whatever Lunch

Weekdays noon - 1pm
Every weekday at noon we add an extra bit of WHATEVER to JACK with the Playing Whatever Lunch! Requests are always welcome! The more WHATEVER, the better! Meredith hosts – text her at 969-123 and she just might call you back to play your song!

Jeff Holland

Weekdays 3pm - 7pm
Jeff is Alberta born & raised, and when he’s not working, you can find him watching sports, camping, or attempting to earn the title of World’s Best Cat Dad. Weird fact about him? He prefers to do his show barefoot… and his boss hates it. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @JeffRadioGuy and join the show, weekdays from 3-7pm!

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